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Hi everyone!   Marcy Ann here ready to go on the air and do my weekly shows.  The name of my show is Reflections and Celebrations!   If you can’t listen live, you can listen anytime of the day or night on your computer, on your phone, on your ipad, or on I-Tunes.

I work pretty simply, no fancy equipment, just an old-fashioned phone and the BTR studio on my computer.   This is in my office where I also run my wedding business.   I have been doing weddings at the beach in Laguna Beach, California for 20 years. 

I have learned that I am a REFLECTOR! 

I have a special way of seeing things from the great big picture of what is really happening!   My part to play right now is to help all of us shift from war to peace, from materialism to charity, from sex to love, from domination and control to the true submission one to the other, from judgment to allowing, from confusion to clarity, and from victimhood and living under the circumstances to discovering and allowing our unique gifts and talents to create a life powered by our own personal sovereignty.

7 Steps to Manifesting What You Want In Your Life – This is a 7-Part Series that I have prepared especially for you to help you create what you want in your life.  I support your personal efforts to make all of your dreams come true.  I have used these 7 Steps to fulfill all of my fondest hopes, my deepest desires and my most impossible dreams.   And now you can listen whenever you want to as you are learning how to manifest what you want in your life.    These Seven Steps lead and guide you with love and clarity. Each Step is vital in the process of learning to create.  And if you will listen to these powerful recordings instead of listening to music, or the radio or television, and only fill your mind with the deep principles that are revealed on these downloads,  everything in your life will begin to straighten out, and you will discover that your life will begin to be perfect!          

These 7 Steps are: (Right click, and pick "save as" to download, or just click link to listen in browser)

1st Step - Will To Do

2nd Step - The Pattern

3rd Step - Passion

4th Step - Purity

5th Step - Concentration

6th Step - Peace

7th Step - Acceptance

I have 2 additional meditations to assist you in your manifestation:

Tune-Up – Using the Primordinal Sounds of the Universe
Drumming to Create and Release Love

I have over 100 archived shows - they are all listed on Blog Talk Radio and You can click here to listen to all of my other archived radio shows here:




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