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  • ONLINE REQUEST FORM -TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT! Our weddings are in Southern California in Orange County.  We work exclusively in Laguna Beach, California because Laguna Beach has the prettiest beaches in Orange County, Southern California and is the only City that allows weddings on the sand in the summertime.
    $555.00 BEACH WEDDING SPECIAL $555.00 up to 95 guests. Call Marcy Ann for details!!! 949-433-3129 and Look below to see our most popular beach wedding packages.

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I AM Rev. Marcy Ann and I have been offering ocean view weddings on the cliff and on-the-sand beach weddings  in Laguna Beach  in Orange County for twenty years. I specialize in very simple and very inexpensive beach wedding ceremonies. Our services include getting the permit for you, providing a romantic personalized wedding ceremony with wedding decorations, and also photography and music.   Our minimum standard of service is "perfect."  Check out our testimonials.  
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 Restaurants within walking distance of the beach are: talk to Andre, 949-497-5434.

Restaurants that have music & dancing:  Talk To Mike 949-715-9581.     Talk to George 949-715-7777    Talk to Antonio, 949-497-6627   talk to Brad, 949-494-8088  talk to Cristy, 949-661-7799  Talk to Terri 949-497-3113                                                      

Beautiful Laguna Beach! Have your beach wedding here!

Beautiful Laguna Beach! Have your beach wedding here!
949-433-3129 Talk to Marcy Ann

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24338 El Toro Rd., Ste. #237 Laguna Woods, California 92637
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